Friday, December 20, 2013

Math 168

Our latest game, Math 168. A simple math game with old school feel to let you improve or refresh your mathematical skill. Get it HERE.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Kids game is free to download.

Get ready for the latest children puzzle game from Weeny Brains! 
A map based game which consist of a variety of mini game-puzzles 
Your children can choose from 6 different characters to play throughout the game. Watch your children as they learn to met every level's game objective in order to unlock the next stage. 

Your children will be rewarded with victory stickers throughout the game and can be placed in a special sticker album. This will create the sense of achievement for them which improves their level of confidence. 

+ Unlock up to 50 levels of game puzzle
+ Collect more than 20+ of victory stickers
+ Colorful graphics and backgrounds

Kids Games, our latest free game is on App store and available for free downloads. 
Get it now today!!! 

ps. Chinese version coming soon!! Stay tune!

New games coming soon : Kids Games

It's been few busy months for us and we have not update our blog lately. But today we are proudly to announce that we will be launching our newest game. It will be on App store for download very soon. So please follow this page and we will let everyone know once it is available in App Store. 

The game we will be launching is called Kids Game. It's a compendium of games where we have 4 mini games that will be increasing in challenge as the game progress. Each game will have their own fun and educational values for all children. They will also can collect stickers when they finish certain challenges and have their own stickers album as reward. We will have in app purchase to unlock the whole game. 

Below are some of the screenshots of the game.