Thursday, April 26, 2012

World Guardians is here!

YES!!!! World Guardians has been approved by AppStore and is FREE for download.
It's open for sales world wide and get it from  here!!

App store

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

This is another set of character design but these are some of the enemies you will encounter in the game.

This monster might be in pink but it is no easy pushover. They are made from the undead skeletons and pink color coats that acts as shields.

Once known as the might ruler of Ice Land, now it's has become of the minions of Dark Lord after the last Sage War.

This mud monster is a product of freak experiments run by Dr Hyde and the result is mud monster that can fight. Now Dark Lord has use them to conquer the world.

One of the favorite minions of Dark Lord, Skeletor has never fails his master to execute his command. Throwing his skeleton head is his weapon this destroy the world.

Bats monster is definitely Dark Lord right hand man as Dark Lord has special affinity on bats. These bats are deadly creature of the night  and one of the most feared enemy in our world.

Hope you enjoy our little character design and enemy descriptions. Look our for our page as we will announcing when will be our game available in Apple store. We will continue update our blog on this game development.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Character Design for World Guardians.

Here are some of the official character design we have for our up-coming game, World Guardians.

This our first Guardian, Cloud. Given a sword from the heavens, he provide his skills in the quest to destroy the world of the dark side. With the skills and weapons he sets on a conquest to slain all the enemies of the dark side.

Our attacker, Amatres. He has Ability to inflict a heavy damage and it hurts alot!!

This is another subunit, Amora. She has the ability to heal units in front of them. Yes, this baby rocks!!

Our defense unit, Locomotor. This sub-unit character has the ability to withstand heavy attacks.  You can't do without them.

Our another attacker sub-unit, Renge. He might looks like scary cat but he is no pushovers. He can push enemy backwards and inflict damage at the same time.

Next post will be our enemy design.